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IT Solutions & Services


We do everything IT. We design the network infrastructure; ensure cybersecurity; provide you with the daily office tools your team needs for operation. And we augment your in-house IT team with full-service managed services and IT support.

Daily IT

Key Partners

And many more! 

Office Technology 


Daily work relies on office technology. We have everything you need, at whatever scale you need it, to keep your organization effectively.

Managed Services

Phones & Communications

Collaboration Tools

Security & Compliance

File Management & File Backup

Email & Email Protection

Certifications & Support

DES networking engineers are certified in major networking systems, including Fortinet, Alacatel Lucent, Aruba, NEC and more. We offer tiered support and total managed services.




Q4 Cybersecurity Breakfast: Briefing & Guidance
FRIDAY15: Protecting Building Systems from Cyber Attack
FRIDAY15: AI-Driven Networking with Juniper Networks



Cyber criminals don't work an 8-hour day. That's why you need 24/7 cyber defense. Our industry-leading cybersecurity solutions are constantly evolving with the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. We provide you with a multi-layered security fabric so you are equipped with advanced tools to protect your assets. 

Perimeter Protection

Identity and Access

Endpoint Protection

Zero Trust Network Access

Network Protection

SIEM Event Management


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Networking Infrastructure


The foundation of your business operations is your network. We build it and then we make it meet your connectivity goals. We ensure no cellular dead-spots, network redundancy for critical operations, and optimized storage solutions. We choose the best management systems from our partner network so your network is under your control. 

SD-WAN LAN Wi-Fi design

Cellular Regeneration

Data Storage Solutions

Networking Management Systems

Network Redundancy

Networking AIOPS


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Cloud Services


The cloud gives you options. In today's hyperflexible world, businesses of all sizes must pivot to address new data and new demands, and for a lot of businesses, that means adopting the agility of cloud-based services. DES has certified cloud experts to help you evaluate your options, create a cloud roadmap, migrate when it makes sense, and take advantage of true digital transformation.   

  • Cloud Discovery

  • Cloud Migration

  • Cloud Management

  • Digital Transformation

Case Studies

Case Studies

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