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Endpoint Protection

Discover, Protect, & Evolve Every Endpoint

Every Endpoint can be an Attack Vector 

While a distributed digital landscape breeds new opportunities for today's businesses, it also gives rise to new cybersecurity challenges. Endpoints remain a key attack vector for malicious actors seeking deeper access to your network. Today's security teams need flexible and robust prevention, detection, and response to secure every endpoint, no matter where they are in the world.

Managed Detection and Response program (MDR) 

When the risk of attack is too high for your in-house team, we can partner with you with Managed Detection & Response. We help reduce the attack surface, make you aware of software updates and dangerous vulnerabilities, eradicate malware, identify security issues to improve the overall enterprise security and reveal unprotected systems to reduce risk. We use a combination of experience, expertise, and cutting-edge technology to strengthen your approach to cybersecurity.

Arete & SentinelOne

We partner with SentinelOne to battle any threats related to Cyber Security. We are now able to offer this Managed Detection and Response program (MDR) to our customers. The program is managed by Arete Incident Response (Arete). Arete is a leading incident response and cybersecurity provider.

The long-term partnership between Arete and SentinelOne has successfully resolved over 2,000 enterprise ransomware attacks worldwide. SentinelOne’s AI-powered technology provides threat mitigation, remediation and ransomware rollback capabilities – each delivered with minimal human effort. As a result, breached organizations working with Arete and SentinelOne are back in business 4x faster than industry standards.

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