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Building Management Technology


As each part of the building connects to the network, the possibilities for smart integrations are immense. Movement detected via the security system can activate lighting. Daylight levels can integrate and calibrate with window shades. Sensors can trigger time-saving automations. DES is a certified Lutron partner.


Save Costs & Inspire Comfort 

Complete Lighting Control


Daylight is free. Configure the indoor lighting to harvest daylight, maximize savings and occupant comfort. Tie in automated window shades and you have complete lighting management. Let's also talk LED conversions. Switching out those fluorescents saves energy, qualifies for tax incentives and opens possibilities for advanced controls and scene management.

  • Schedule the window shades to lower and raise according to daylight conditions.

  • Convert zones into multipurpose spaces with customized scene management.

  • Recoup the capital costs of energy-efficient lighting conversions through the 179D tax incentive program.


Breathe in... and stay healthy

IAQ: Indoor Air Quality


Studies point to a single conclusion: Optimized air quality enhances employee productivity and occupant satisfaction. An IAQ monitoring platform detects rising levels of VOC irritants, pollution, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Automatically adjust the HVAC to increase airflow.

  • Monitor temperature to optimize the HVAC schedule.

  • Monitor humidity to minimize mold, viruses and bacteria.

  • Integrate alerting with emergency response.

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IoT Building Sensors

& API Integrations


Reduce manual workflows to seconds with intelligent sensors and automations. Here are some examples:

  • Sensors on trash cans alert maintenance crews to check on trash cans only when they are full.

  • Sensors on bathroom tissue dispensers automate workorders when running low.

  • Occupancy sensors adjust indoor air temperatures.

  • Occupancy sensors provide insight for resources and scheduling.

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Download the Smart Office Infographic

Ready for EV?

Vehicle & Parking 


How green is your parking machine?​ Are your parking facilities part of your smart building strategy? Are parking spaces being used efficiently? Do you have a plan for EV charging stations?


Get real-time parking occupancy information and dynamically manage access to different parking zones. Improve the parking experience for employees, customers and visitors. 

  • Parking Analytics and Management

  • EV Integrations

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Smart, Safe, Sustainable Power

Fault Managed Power


Class 4 Power, also known as Fault Managed Power Systems, allows you to safely transfer higher loads of up to 450V across significant distances. This new classification opens up possibilities for many Power over Ethernet applications. 


The electrical transmission packetizes the power alongside a steady stream of safety data. The result is low-voltage grid that is safe, powerful and provides real-time visibility.


Single-Pane Visibility

Integrated Reporting


Unify your many building systems onto one dashboard.

Know in real-time if there is a lighting outage or if a security camera is down. Know the air quality over on the manufacturing floor. Get real-time reporting and customized alerting.

  • 100's of API Integrations

  • Customized Alerts

  • Automations, Scheduling & Zoning

  • Diagnostics & Reports

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