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File Management & File Backup

Simplify the sprawl of on-prem, hybrid and cloud environments.

Storage solutions that match your enterprise.

While the trend is moving towards cloud computing, not all processes or workloads are suitable for it. Some businesses may still require on-premises infrastructure for tasks such as storage or backup. Moreover, with hybrid options available, there are endless possibilities for organizing your data center. Regardless of the specific requirements for your hybrid IT, we can assist in creating and implementing the optimal file management solution.

Cloud-native and on-prem backup. 

A backup strategy delivers versatility to businesses with all types of backup and restoration needs. With both file-only and image backups available, and the ability to create and apply custom backup plans to meet your data protection, retention, and storage needs, you can easily deploy a backup and restoration policy to many data sources.

Recover data fast from any device. 

Recover to a snapshot in time or just recover a set of affected files. We support physical and virtual restores, so you can recover data from anywhere. The indexed archive provides iterative, multi-level search and tagging capabilities, to support complex audit and discovery exercises. This drastically cuts the time and effort required to respond to discovery or recovery requests.

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