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Higher Education

On campus and online. Wherever students learn, we make it possible through secure networks, safe campuses and enhanced audiovisual experiences. DES is an approved contractor for top-tier universities in Western Pennsylvania including Carnegie Mellon, University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University. 

“This facility gives our students an advantage. They learn and then walk across the hall and work in a real, live security operations center. The hands-on experience is invaluable.”

Onsite and Online Learning

Customizable & Accessible Education    


Learning is no longer a static experience. Today's students desire flexibility and accessibility. We design audiovisual systems that allows for online streaming and recording, real-time collaboration and distance learning capabilities.

  • Store & Capture Capability for Future Viewing & Reference

  • Real Time Distance Learning Capabilities

  • Collaboration with Branch Locations for Expanded Class Options 

  • Web conferencing

Cyber Education Center at Mercyhurst 2.j
Cresco Case Study Video
simlab inserting oxygen.jpg

Immersive Learning

Simulation Labs


We transform simulation labs from a linear experience into a dynamic learning tool. Through strategically positioned cameras and microphones, instructors can observe and engage with sim lab action. The digitally-stored footage becomes a tool for detailed feedback and advances the gold-standard in healthcare.

  • Audiovisual integration

  • Sound simulation

  • Dashboard design

  • Advanced control features

Secure Campus Life

Daily, Weekly, Yearly


We install the surveillance equipment and the systems behind it. Our networked solutions provide customization and control for your security teams. Solutions range from daily operations to high-traffic events and emergency planning.

  • IP Surveillance Cameras

  • Access Control & Intrusion Detection

  • Electronic Visitor Management

  • Automated Building Lockdown

  • Emergency Mass Notifications

West Virginia Northern Community College
allegheny general auditoreum.jpg


and Audiovisual Experiences

Create hybrid auditoriums that facilitate both educational lectures and entertainment. We ensure optimal sound and visual clarity through complex multimedia systems.  

  • Video Walls  

  • Digital Signage

  • Distributed Audio Systems

  • Event Customization & Venue Sound

Protect your Digital Assets

Cybersecurity & Connectivity


Campuses sprawl indoors, outdoors, in modern residences and in stately buildings. Whatever the environment, steady connectivity is essential for student and faculty alike. We design the network fabric including network security. 

  • Wired & Wireless Networks

  • In-House Cellular

  • Cybersecurity, Firewalls & Email security

West Liberty University - Campus-wide Wi

Case Studies

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