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We Make Legal Cannabis Facilities 

Compliant, Secure & Operational

Specialty & Highly Regulated Industry

Compliance is critical for cannabis business operations. We are deeply knowledgeable in regulatory requirements and have passed 100% of our clients through state inspection on their first pass. We offer comprehensive security and operational solutions that span seed-to-sale, grow facility surveillance and dispensary operations

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"It’s easier to get into the Pentagon than our facility. In all honesty, DES set the standard for the industry in this state."

Security Compliance

From Design to Execution


Our industry consultants have direct experience in legislative advocacy. We are driven to get you operational with surveillance systems that satisfy and exceed state regulations and are cost-effective.

  • Meticulous narrative and security overlay for the licensing and application process

  • Comprehensive site survey

  • Clear project quotations and work timelines.

  • Dedicated account manager who is onsite during inspections

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A Unified Toolbox of

Turnkey Surveillance


Our singular approach unifies your security operations into one networked system. Perimeter cameras, access zones and visitor management are easily monitored through a single dashboard. Our solutions are smart, user-friendly and keep your processor facility and cannabis dispensary operational and compliant.

  • Perimeter Control

  • Access Control

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Monitor Anytime with Remote Access


Electronic Visitor Management


Discard the paperwork. A database designed for cannabis dispensaries. 


Our Electronic Visitor Management System scans visitor driver licenses and cross references in real time with your database. All visitor data meets compliance and is securely stored on online servers.


Personnel Training

and Ongoing Support


We train your on-site staff, or bring in our partners, to manage your security system. Your business continuity is personal to us.


We also offer ongoing support with 4-hour callback and annual maintenance. Contact us for quotes on our support packages. 

Case Study:

Cresco Retail Facility

Cresco Case Study Video

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