Behind every incredible school are safe classrooms and a child-friendly learning experiences. Powering each facet of school operations, from school security to accessible networks and remote and in-classroom teaching tools, technology is essential for children to thrive in their school years.

Security & Technology Solutions 

for K-12 Schools

“Thanks to the unified access design by DES, we now have a flexible, reliable and high-performing network that will meet the needs of our students and faculty in the years to come ”

Security & Surveillance

Ensure Safe Schools


We've got you covered. As surveillance technology becomes increasingly smarter, we've integrated our solutions to a full span of school security applications. From perimeter control and license plate recognition, to vape detectors in the bathrooms, we offer a unified platform alongside dedicated technical support. 

  • IP Surveillance Cameras

  • Access Control & Intrusion Detection

  • Electronic Visitor Management

  • Automated School Lockdown

  • Emergency Mass Notifications

  • Networked Vape Detectors

Onsite & Distance Learning

For Engaging Educational Experiences   


In the wake of COVID-19, schools are developing a contingency plan for a disruption-proof education. Our multimedia technology is designed to be versatile for both in class and remote learning.  

  • Promethean Boards

  • Remote Learning Kits

  • Remote Networking Connectivity

  • Remote Telecommunications

Secure Networks

Safe & Steady Accessibility


Classrooms, sports fields, parking lots, auditoriums. School campuses have a diverse areas, each with unique data requirements. We integrate the full product cycle: we install the structured cabling and the access points, and then overlay a robust cybersecurity fabric. As schools depend on remote learning, we ensure secure and accessible connectivity.   

  • Structured Cabling 

  • LAN & WAN Access Points

  • IP Phone Systems

  • In-House Cellular

  • Cybersecurity: Firewalls & Email security

Mass Notifications

& Instant Communication

Communicate easily with networked signage. Unify communications with clear signage including way-finding, news and alerts. Instantly deploy your communication channels for emergency notifications with a networked mass notification system.  

  • Video Walls  

  • Digital Signage

  • Mass Notification Systems


Connecting People & Places


Unify your staff and buildings with a networked phone system. Ensure fail-over routing and provide a seamless voice experience for parents, faculty and students. 

  • IP Phone Systems

  • In-House Cellular

  • Remote Users 

  • Conference Calls

  • Fail-over Protection

Case Study:

Central Valley High School


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