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On-Prem, Cloud or Hybrid Data Storage

Accessible Data - Affordable, Compliant, Reliable

On-prem data storage 

On-premises data storage refers to the traditional method of storing data locally within an organization's own physical hardware and infrastructure. With on-premises storage, all data is managed and controlled within the organization, and IT staff have complete control over the security, maintenance, and accessibility of the data. This type of storage can be beneficial for organizations that require complete control over their data, have sensitive information that cannot be stored externally, or have limited or unreliable internet connectivity.

Cloud data storage 

A more modern approach to data storage that involves storing data remotely in off-site servers managed by third-party cloud providers. Cloud storage can offer a variety of benefits, such as scalability, cost-effectiveness, and easy accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud storage can also offer advanced security measures and data redundancy to ensure that data is protected and always available. This approach can be particularly useful for organizations with remote workers or multiple locations, as it allows for seamless collaboration and access to data from anywhere.

Hybrid data storage 

Hybrid data storage combines the benefits of both on-premises and cloud storage to create a more flexible and customizable storage solution. With hybrid storage, some data is stored on-premises, while other data is stored in the cloud. This allows organizations to choose which data to store where based on factors such as security, compliance, accessibility, and cost. Hybrid storage can be particularly beneficial for organizations that have large amounts of data but require fast access to only a portion of it, as they can store frequently accessed data on-premises while storing less frequently accessed data in the cloud to reduce costs.

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