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In today’s work environment, productivity is entirely dependent on your ability to connect to the network and to the cloud. If your access goes down, so does your revenue. Have you calculated the hourly cost of a connectivity outage?


Performance, Cost & Resilience

Get the Right Connectivity


Not all connectivity is created equal. From traditional approaches like MPLS, to more modern options like SD-WAN and beyond, there are multiple options to fit every use case. The question with connectivity isn’t whether you need it, but which option best meets your needs for performance, cost, and resilience. 

  • Broadband

  • DIA (Dedicated Internet Access)

  • MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)

  • VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service)

  • SD-WAN (Software Defined - Wide Area Network)

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National & Regional



DES is partnered with dozens of national and regional carriers, including Verizon, Comcast, Crown Castle, DQE Communications and others, to give you highly competitive rates for failproof connectivity. ​

What is Your Connectivity Strategy?


And Diversity


Relying on a single carrier for your connectivity puts your business at risk of grinding to a halt if that carrier experiences an outage. 

Redundancy gives you a back-up connection. If your primary line experiences an outage, your secondary line can ensure business continuity.

Diversity ensures the back-up connection uses a different carrier—and ideally a different route to your building—providing a further safeguard to secure critical business continuity.

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