Surveillance. Access control. Intrusion detection. Data analytics. 

Our security solutions are fully integrated with your IP network. One unified solution offering you real-time and remote visibility and control. And once we configure your surveillance system to provide analytics and automation, your facility operations are literally at your fingertips.

Security & Access Control

One integrated platform

Unified Security


Security is about unification. We integrate each component of your security architecture into one user-friendly platform. The surveillance cameras, access control systems, sensors and detectors, are unified into a single rules-based dashboard.   


  • Camera Drilldown

  • Facility Mapping

  • Personnel Badging

  • Incidence & Evidence Management

  • Footage Sharing & Archiving

  • Comprehensive Reporting

Livestream & remote access

Video Surveillance


Gain 360° visibility of your facility. We choose the right cameras for your space and put them to work for you. With our unified platform, you can drill down into the camera footage onsite or remote.

  • Automatic Door Lockdown

  • Perimeter control

  • Intrusion detection

  • Sensors, triggers and radar tracking

  • Loitering & abandoned objects alerts

  • License plate recognition

Access Control

& Door Opening Solutions


Easily allow or deny access to any part of your facility. Our range of networked entry solutions can connect any door, cabinet, perimeter gate or padlock to the network. We offer a full suite of access solutions including cards, fobs, intelligent keys, biometric readers and many more. 

  • Restricted Access Levels

  • Bluetooth & Mobile Access

  • Biometrics

  • Electronic Visitor Management

  • Real-time Background Checks

  • Video Intercoms

Mission Control

Emergency Procedures


Mission control can trigger precise operating procedures in an emergency situation. Completely customizable, you can plan for the unplannable.

  • Automatic Door Lockdown

  • Mass Notifications 

  • Law Enforcement Coordination

  • Emergency Call Stations

  • Alarm Panels

  • Panic Buttons

  • Glass Breakage Detection

Data Analytics

Building Automations


Extend security into operations. Your networked security system can be integrated into building management systems, paving the way for optimized space utilization and energy savings. 

  • People Counting

  • Asset Tracking

  • Facial Recognition

  • Heat Mapping

  • Contact Tracing

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