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Phones & Communications

Communicate and collaborate, anytime, anyplace, any way.

Phone, Email, Fax, Text, Video... Unified Communications

A unified cloud platform for communication, UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) is accessible from anywhere. Easier to manage than a PBX system, UCaaS can be customized to integrate with your line of business. Our expansive partner network ensures you with the right feature set for your communication requirements.

  • Easily scale to add/remove users

  • Accessible via remote or mobile

  • No added hardware costs or end-of-life disposal

  • Continuous support

Onsite & Hard-wired Voice Solutions

A premise-based solution is rooted in a physical location. These solutions retain existing assets and are optimal for businesses that require uninterrupted internal communication such as hospitals, college campuses and manufacturing plants. The organization has full control of the system and can make immediate moves, changes and additions.

  • PBX solutions

  • Call centers

  • Paging systems

  • Telephony hardware upgrades

Mix-and-Match Hybrid Solutions

A hybrid solution provides the flexibility, mobility and sophistication of a cloud-based communication system while retaining your existing installed assets. This solution is optimal for locations that have mobile employees but still require hardwired phones - such as a plant or contact center environment.

  • SIP Trunking

  • VoIP Solutions

  • Hosted PBX

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