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Critical Infrastructure


Critical infrastructure are those sectors that are essential to society: Power and water facilities, high-profile government buildings, airports, and communications grids.  Any security breach could cause devastating consequences on a large scale. We design and deploy the surveillance systems and the cybersecurity network for sites that need total protection. 

DES is an approved government contractor with the System for Award Management (SAM)

Proactive and Unified Protection  

for High-Profile Facilities

“The unified security platform has revolutionized our mission control response. Every security incident is managed with rapidity, consistency, and complete coordination.”

Single Pane of View

Unified Security Platforms


Unify vast surveillance systems onto one unified platform. Integrate access control with the camera system for complete visibility into pedestrian traffic. Drastically reduce operator management through intelligent event discovery that pushes notifications of timely incidents. Consolidate your facility's standard operation procedures into event management for complete mission control.

  • Real-time video surveillance

  • Unified management system

  • Advanced Data Analytics

  • Situational intelligence and decision rubrics

Arnold Palmer Regional Airport security

Hardened and Reliable



Cyberattacks can originate from internal, domestic or global players. As the network becomes more complex, oscillating between cloud and premise computing, our network solutions ensure fortified protection. A single pane view management dashboard alongside AI-powered operating procedures assists operators in managing these critical systems.

  • A flexible security fabric with over 70 API integrations

  • An SD-WAN infrastructure for branch locations and field sites

  • Insider attack protection

  • AI-powered threat detection

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Command & Control

Emergency Situation Rooms


In a crisis situation, visibility is key. We configure display systems in situation rooms to ensure instant flexibility and viewing power.  We have installed command and control centers in airports, transportation hubs and municipal buildings.

  • Programmable graphic interface with all your inputs

  • Connect surveillance footage, operational dashboards and news feeds to the overhead displays.

  • Customize the displays to zoom into streams


Off-the-Grid & Remote

Access and Connectivity


We engineer wireless systems in off-the-grid locations. We map out the topography and install the antennas, transmitters and receivers to ensure connectivity. The hardware is contained in weatherproof casings and resilient for remote, outdoor locations. We also install unmanned and networked lock systems

  • Network Infrastructure Design

  • Fiber Optic Cabling

  • Distributed Antenna Systems

  • Wireless and unmanned locks

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