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Delivering exceptional patient care is deeply rooted in technology. Our fiber-optic cabling powers world-class medical centers across Western Pennsylvania. Conferencing solutions allow onsite and remote medical providers to work collaboratively on diagnostics and treatment plans. Our advanced simulation labs create an environment that best educates the next generation of healthcare providers. DES technicians follow ICRA best-practices to ensure safe installation. 

World-Class Connectivity

on Pace with Innovation


Fiber-optic cabling futureproofs healthcare facilities for tomorrow's innovations. Once installed, future upgrades can be performed rapidly, with minimal disruption and in compliance of ICRA standards. DES is an approved contractor for UPMC and AHN. 

  • Fiber optic cabling

  • Category cabling

  • Network infrastructure design

  • Distributed antenna systems

allegheny general auditoreum.jpg

Hybrid Spaces Tailored for

Healthcare Collaboration


Divisible or unified, our modular conferencing rooms are equipped with cutting edge collaboration tools. Displays are designed for diagnostic imaging and pathology. ​

  • Divisible conferencing spaces

  • BYOD connectivity

  • Versatility between web conferencing and in-room projectors

  • Displays optimized for pathology and tumor boards

  • Telehealth solutions

  • Emergency Command Centers

Simulation Labs

Designed for Interactivity


We transform simulation labs from a linear experience into a dynamic learning tool. Through strategically positioned cameras and microphones, instructors can observe and engage with sim lab action. The digitally-stored footage becomes a tool for detailed feedback and advances the gold-standard in healthcare.

  • Audiovisual integration

  • Sound simulation

  • Dashboard design

  • Advanced control features

simlab inserting oxygen.jpg

Facility Security

and Patient Safety


From physical safety solutions to facility security, we provide the technology to ensure safer healthcare institutions. ​

  • Door opening solutions and integrations

  • Smart surveillance 

  • Real-time equipment locator

  • Communication systems

Optimize Resources

with Artificial Intelligence


Streamline healthcare spend and improve healthcare outcomes with advanced data analytics. AI is ideally suited to the complex and disparate data inputs in healthcare environments. The machine learning model can highlight areas of over-treatment, care failures, and management inefficiencies. Predictive analytics can assist in reducing patient readmittance.  ​​

  • Patient readmittance reduction

  • Insurance claims automation

  • AI patient concierge chatbots

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Case Studies

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