Sports & Recreation

How do 68,000 sports fans put their minds and spirits into a game? Through finely-orchestrated technology that provides the ultimate fan experience. Whether it's stadium Wi-Fi or spectacular audiovisual displays at our nationally-renowned museums, DES technology enhances the human experience.

DES Scores Touchdown at Heinz Field!

​Score an Immersive

Game Day Experience

While the team plays hard, technology is playing just as hard. From stadium connectivity for the fans to dedicated phone systems on the field, and venue sound throughout, we ensure the action doesn't miss a beat. 

  • WiFi Access

  • Networked Phone Systems

  • Video Walls & Digital Signage 

  • Sound Calibration

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Winning with

Advanced Data Analytics


Leverage your surveillance solutions to gather advanced data analytics. We have configured RFID readers that detect and record specific game sequences to assist with player training. We have installed antennas around NFL stadiums that senses and tracks player movements in real time. Many of our solutions use open source configurations and can be customized for your application.   

  • People Counter

  • Heat mapping to detect crowd patterns

  • Player Analytics

Minimize Disruption 

Smart Crowd Management 

Every moment matters. When your visitors arrive at your venue, ensure a timely check-in process. We configure ticket sales with entry point scanners. Use data analytics to detect disruptions and deploy processes that ensure quick interventions.

  • Unified Surveillance Management

  • Mass Notification Systems

  • Emergency planning 


Stunning Multimedia Exhibits

We collaborate with museum design teams to create immersive and interactive visitor experiences. Our portfolio includes the Heinz History Center, the National Aviary, Phipps Conservatory, the Fort Pitt Museum and more.​

  • LED Video Walls

  • Interactive Screen Displays

  • Interactive Projectors

  • Concealed Sound Systems


Case Study: The Pittsburgh Steelers

“They are here at every game. We rely on DES for critical functionality on game day. They have the ability to execute game in, game out, year in, year out.”