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Preferred Technology Provider
of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Around the field and behind the scenes, DES brings gameday technology to Acrisure Stadium (formerly Heinz Field). From entrance to exit, the 240-miles of cable installed by DES ensures an unforgettable gameday experience.


  • 747,000 ft. of Cat 5e cable connects every point-of-sale endpoint, every display monitor and every piece of networked equipment.

  • 238,000 ft. of broadcast cable connects cable TV networks to gameday action.

  • 169,000 ft. of security cable connects the stadium's cameras. 

  • 36,000 ft. of fiber is the backbone for the wireless network.


A gameday experience is a mobile-first experience. DES designed and installed the Heinz Field Wi-Fi network which allows for mobile ticketing and connectivity to gameday apps. DES also manages the Steelers voice system. Whether it's the sidelines communication center which is on the field at every game, or the phone network in the office suites, DES tech support ensures surefire communication. 


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