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Manufacturing & Industrial

Downtime is industry's greatest foe. We provide the technology to keep production moving. Smart cameras assure quality control and alert you of anomalies. Telephony, combined with paging systems keep your people connected. An array of AI Solutions, including predictive maintenance and performance optimization, makes production profitable.  DES is trained on the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards.

Increase Productivity, Reduce Downtime

Predictive Maintenance


Predictive maintenance uses sensors to track the conditions of equipment and analyses the data on an ongoing basis.  We apply machine learning algorithms to predict future equipment failures, enabling organizations to service equipment when  they actually need it instead of at scheduled service times, minimizing downtime.

  • AI Solutions

  • Intelligent Cameras

  • Behavior Anomaly Detection 

  • Unified Dashboards

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Possibilities are Endless 

Digital Twin Development 


Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable the development of a digital twin of the production floor.  The digital twin is a platform for running what-if scenarios to learn what you don’t know today. It can also be used as a model for designing higher reliability parts and adjusting the interactions between production-line machines to improve performance.  DES' AI team can develop a digital twin of your assembly line.  

Protect People & Places

Surveillance & Access Control


Secure entrances and restricted locations with a unified surveillance system that can be managed remotely. We work with you to customize rules, including lasers that can track movements and create alerts. Access control system ensures safety by knowing which workers are in which locations.

  • Radar Tracking

  • Gate Control

  • Restricted Zones & Line Crossing Alerts

  • Bluetooth & Mobile Access

  • Biometric Access

  • People Counter & Occupancy Mapping 

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Rapid Communication

For Everyone, Everywhere


Keep communication flowing despite the loud machinery. We install paging systems that keep the supervisors and maintenance crew notified of real-time updates. Visual communication systems using strobe lights and digital displays ensure the production floor is a safe environment. 

  • Premise, Hybrid & Networked phone systems

  • Mass Notification Systems

  • Paging Systems

Connect your Enterprise

Structured Cabling


We install cabling ​that maintains high-performance data transmission over long distances in industrial settings. From installing air blown fiber to retrofitting older coax cabling for new applications, we support the requirements of the factory floor.

  • Category Cabling

  • Fiber Optic Cabling

  • Air Blown Fiber

  • Coax Cabling

Cresco Case Study Video
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