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Managed Services

Choose your blend of autonomy and convenience.

Total Managed Services 

We offer a single turnkey solution managed by highly skilled networking operators. We have the skillset that is difficut for you to hire in-house. In the Total Managed Services plan, we also own your networking hardware allowing you to refresh your network on pace with innovation. 

  • Fixed monthly fee includes all equipment, installation, maintenance and support. 

  • Minimal overhead costs.

Traditional Managed Services 

Similar to our Total Managed Services, our highly skilled networking operators manage and support your network allowing you to benefit from a specialized skillset. However, you own the networking hardware. 

  • Fixed monthly fee includes maintenance and support. 

  • Customer responsible for equipment purchase, installation and end-of-life disposal.

Custom Support & Financing Options 

When your technology meets a hurdle, we are committed to getting your systems repaired, maintained and fully operational. We can work with you on your support needs. Choose from one-off technical support, or else, consider an annual support contract that covers your security, networking, voice and multimedia systems. 

  • Custom quotes covering your networking, security and audiovisual support. 

  • Financing options for hardware purchases or leasing.

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