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Pittsburgh AI Works

Pittsburgh AI Works is the artificial intelligence division of DES. Our AI architects comprehend how machine learning, statistics, and forecasting lead to predictive and proactive solutioning that saves time and drives optimized value for the enterprise. 

Elevate the Enterprise

Turn the Mundane into the Automagical

Pittsburgh AI Works is a consultancy of experts focused on solving complex business problems using the latest AI technologies

The Data Science Toolkit

  • Exploratory Data Analysis

    Apply data mining techniques to understand how your business operates and improve decision making. 

  • Advanced Analytics

    Deploy machine learning and natural language processing to decrease friction and optimize performance.

  • Cognitive Response

    Use advanced analytics to promote fresh perspectives to challenging problems  and accelerate business growth.

AI Partners

Use Cases

  • Call Centers
    • Cognitive Assistant
    • Call Deflection
    • Agent Assist
    • Personalized Response
  • Education
    • Optimizing Distance Education
    • Personalized Learning
    • Cognitive Teaching Assistant
    • Smart Scheduling Tools
    • Automate Administrative Tasks
  • Agriculture
    • Yield Management
    • Soil and Crop Health Monitoring
    • Crop Readiness Identification
    • Greenhouse Automation Technology
  • Manufacturing
    • Industry 4.0
    • Sales and Operations Planning
    • Demand Planning and Customer Analytics
    • Smarter Supply Chains
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Warranty Analysis (Predictive and Proactive)
  • Sports & Entertainment
    • Scouting and Recruitment
    • Training and Performance Analysis
    • Maintaining Player Health and Fitness
    • Broadcasting and Advertising
  • Healthcare
    • Patient Readmission Risk
    • Patient Flow Optimization
    • Transition of Care
    • Prescription Compliance
    • Medicare and Medicaid Fraud
    • Medication (dosage) Effectiveness
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