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Pittsburgh AI Works is the artificial intelligence division of DES.

Our AI architects solve complex business problems using the latest software and AI technologies

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Bridge People with Processes

with Artificial Intelligence


In today’s Digital Age, a business's software portfolio is a system of technologies set to capture data, process information, and streamline core business operations. As our needs grow, so does the digital portfolio. Yet rather than increasing in data precision, the organization becomes swamped with unprocessed data and a lack of technology capabilities to achieve the primary goal: Alleviate mundane tasks for humans and increase value for business.


Pittsburgh AI Works bridges people with processes by constructing technology solutions

that save time, increase value and eliminate friction in the enterprise.

Digital Transformation Strategies

Modernize Data

with a Digital Strategy

Digital transformation is only possible with clean data and seamless technology integrations. We learn about the data that is critical for your business growth. We implement data governance and management processes so that your data is consistent and dynamically available across your systems.

Eliminate Friction

with a Technology Strategy

With key data structures in place, we can make technology streamline workflows and eliminate repetitive tasks. We align your business operations with an array of system modernization solutions. Next, we analyze your data for business intelligence and draft a roadmap for true AI automation.

Accelerate Value

with an Automation Strategy

Gain a competitive advantage with the infusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the digital infrastructure. Our AI and Machine Learning solutioning toolkit solves big data inefficiencies and harnesses digital overload into accessible business tools. Intelligent data reveals insights, mitigates risk and drives performance.


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