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Network Redundancy

Plan for the Unplannable

Can your business afford an internet outage? 

In today's work environment, productivity is entirely dependent on your ability to connect to the network and to the cloud. If your access goes down, so does your revenue. Have you calculated the hourly cost of a connectivity outage? DES is partnered with national carriers, including Verizon, Comcast, Cogent, Crown Castle and many others, to give you highly competitive rates for communications connectivity.

Redundancy & Diversity

Relying on a single carrier for your connectivity puts your business at risk of grinding to a halt if that carrier experiences an outage. Redundancy gives you a backup connection. If your primary line experiences an outage, your secondary line can ensure business continuity. Diversity ensures the back-up connection uses a different carrier - and ideally a different route to your building - providing a further safeguard to secure critical business continuity.

What's your plan for a data outage? 

Network redundancy involves creating redundant or backup connections, devices, or systems to ensure that network traffic can continue to flow even in the event of a failure or outage. In a redundant network, multiple paths are available for data to travel, which increases the overall reliability and availability of the network. Having a redundant network is essential for businesses that rely on their network to function, as downtime or interruption can result in significant financial losses.

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