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The cloud gives you options. In today's hyperflexible world, businesses of all sizes must pivot to address new data and new demands, and for a lot of businesses, that means adopting the agility of cloud-based services. DES has certified cloud experts to help you evaluate your options, create a cloud roadmap, migrate when it makes sense, and take advantage of true digital transformation. 

Cloud Services

Get Started. 

Cloud Discovery


How will migrating to cloud help us in our day to day operations? What needs to stay put? What is the business case? How can we build a cloud strategy that suits our own needs? ​

The DES cloud discovery process includes: 

  • Application Inventory & Compatibility Analysis 

  • Cloud Vendor Selection 

  • Budget & Timeline Estimation 

  • Free Service Trials 

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Get Moving. 

Cloud Migration


A smooth transition to cloud is more about the process than about the technology. Digital transformation succeeds on the strength of the rollout plan. DES configures the tools and solutions to minimize downtime, safeguard data integrity and harmonize the user experience with your existing on-prem operations. 

  • Configuration of Environment and Network Paths

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 

  • Application Migration 

  • Permissions & Access Configuration 

  • Cybersecurity Configuration 


Optimize for Value.  

Cloud Management 


Get the most out of your cloud experience with the abundance of available cloud solutions. Our team can guide you through product selection and assist you with time-sensitive operations including disaster recovery.

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery 

  • Storage & File Sharing 

  • Serverless Functions 

  • Database Optimization 

  • Cloud Managed Services 

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Take the Lead. 

Digital Transformation & AI


Drive your enterprise into a cloud-first environment. Once you achieve data integrity and cloud migration, you can advance your competitive edge with native-cloud apps and powerful AI solutions.  

  • DevOps & Custom APIs 

  • Targeted Automations 

  • Business Intelligence 

  • Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics 

  • Data Democratization 


Cloud Partners

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Case Studies

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