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Endless Possibilities of Unified Communications

In researching one of the most catchy trends in telecommunications: Unified Communications, we came across this insightful article.

This article is full of brief insight as to what Unified Communications (UC) is, and what kind of capabilities stem from UC.

One of the most insightful points made by Karen D. Schwartz  was this:

The success or failure of a UC initiative depends as much on the processes surrounding the technology as it does on the technology itself.

The author goes one step further:

“Much of the value of unified communications comes from the company evaluating processes and figuring out where the communication lags exist,” says Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research. “After they do that, they will better understand whether to build the tools directly into the application or augment processes with the tools, and they will know how to train and promote them to employees.”

That’s where a company like Dagostino Electronic Services comes in.  When dealing with the complexities of Unified Communications, your company or organization should work with a company you could trust.  Dagostino Electronic Services has been doing business in the Western Pennsylvania region for 40 years, dating back to 1973.

We’ve grown with technology.  We understand the complexities of technology systems because we matured as a company at the same time complexities matured within technology.

Find out more about the opportunity to leverage the countless opportunities of unified communications today!

Here’s a link to the full article: What Your Company Can Gain from UC @BizTechMagazine.

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