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PoE Lighting & Lighting Controls


As each part of the building connects to the network, the possibilities for smart integrations are exponential. Movement detected via the security system can activate the lights. Lighting can integrate with the HVAC system. Illumination can be paired with daylighting.
PoE Lighting can contribute towards LEED and WELL Building certifications. 

Advanced Lighting

Controls & Automation


Our lighting solutions utilize leading-edge technology for scalable and reliable lighting control. With centralized management, lighting can be customized and controlled for scheduling, energy efficiency, individualized comfort, scene setting and much more. Sensors provide real-time data for precise optimization.

  • Centralized management

  • Automations, scheduling & zoning

  • Scene management & way finding

  • Daylighting & energy optimization

  • Diagnostics & streamlined maintenance

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The next generation in lighting

Power over Ethernet (PoE)


Power over Ethernet or PoE, allows electrical power to travel through dedicated data connection with an ethernet cable, delivering DC power to your lighting devices. In a new build or major rehab, a PoE installation can be more cost effective than traditional line voltage. Additionally, with PoE lighting, you open the possibilities for advanced lighting controls and smart building integrations.

  • PoE Design

  • PoE Installation and Commissioning

Building Controls 

& Smart Integrations


With PoE lighting, data can be shared from the lighting network to other building networks, such as HVAC, security and room scheduling. Our wide range of technology solutions allow you to choose customized automations and integrations.  

  • IoT Integrations

  • Custom APIs

  • BMS Integration 

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Visible Light Communications


The next frontier of data communications is lighting. Already deployed in military and other highly-sensitive settings, Li-Fi is 100 times faster than traditional Wi-Fi and is significantly more secure. DES is partnered with industry leaders of this new technology and plans to be at the forefront of commercial utilization.​


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