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Surveillance camera captures alleged drug deal

PITTSBURGH — Dagostino Electronic Services had the opportunity to work with the Wilkinsburg Borough to strategically install AXIS security cameras around the city.  Wednesday, the cameras helped police spot an alleged drug deal in a parking lot and stop it in the act.

“They’ve helped our department tremendously.  We’ve had a lot of luck with these cameras.  They’ve helped us in a lot of investigations and have also prevented a lot of incidences,” Wilkinsburg Police Chief Ophelia Coleman told WPXI.

DES installed the AXIS Q6032-E camera as well as the OnSSI Video Management System software.

The AXIS Q6032-E is an excellent camera for a cost-efficient and reliable solution for a demanding surveillance system. 

It has a precise pan/tilt performance and an optical zoom of 36X.  License plates can be read from a distance of 525 feet, which is almost two football fields long.

The installation is part of an ongoing security project that expands as funding becomes available. The particular camera was installed back in 2010.

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