Intelligent Buildings? Yes, they’re real

Interesting article here by our partners from CommScope.

Why You Should Care About Intelligent Buildings | CommScope blogs
  1. Real-time integration with standard conference room reservation systems so users can see not only which rooms are reserved, but also which are actually being used.  Rooms that are reserved but are not in use can be automatically released for use by other employees.

  2. Hot desking applications that maximize real estate utilization by optimizing remote workers’ access to temporary seating when they are in the office.

  3. An open interface that allows the Redwood real time sensor network to serve as the backbone of an intelligent building platform, sharing sensor data with third-party control systems.

  4. Operation over twisted pair cabling, the same media used for the users’ IT networks, further enabling the convergence of IT and facilities. With Redwood’s lighting sensor network, many more applications will be added to allow building owners and users to truly realize the vision of an intelligent building. We are excited at the possibilities of offering more management features to our intelligent infrastructure solutions.

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