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5 rules for BYOD survival

BYOD is a very serious topic. Anywhere you look for information on technology, you’ll find many different articles and features, many times technology websites dedicate entire pages to the topic of BYOD.

Needless to say, we consider (along with a lot of other people) the topic of BYOD very exciting!

We found this brief article and brief video on for our audience’s enjoyment:

  1. Recognize that everyone has a better mousetrap—Mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, are a “considered purchase.” They are highly personalized and vital to the individuals that buy them. They are also becoming more and more affordable.

  2. Make it easy to discover and add functions—Think of each device as a gateway to enterprise resources to boost individual productivity, communications, and collaboration, but recognize that you’ll be asking Mobile Device Management (MDM) resources to do a lot of heavy lifting in terms of keeping applications up-to-date, secure and compatible.

  3. Use “Big Data” and “Analytics” to get Predictive—Personal data and metadata (concept tagging, etc.) are natural byproducts of employee collaboration. They can be used to make diverse workgroups and individuals more productive and more “in control” of the projects they are undertaking through their mobile devices.

  4. Balance security and convenience—Each device has its own distinctive characteristics and attributes. These determine the threat level they pose to enterprise network integrity. IT experts recommend a tri-partite approach: some devices are approved “Platform” devices that are fully supported; others are supported at the “application” level but not the device level; and the last group is supported on a fee-based, charge-back basis.

  5. Bullet-proof the underlying networks—As employees discover and define new use cases and applications for mobile interactions, their expectations are for a single network to flat-out work without interruptions or latencies. That means network assurance is crucial not only between and among mobile devices but also among the back-office systems and databases that are invoked during the course of person-to-person interactions.

Here’s the video that went along with the article on rcrwireless:

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