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One of the world’s top automation, integration and control solutions.

Crestron Electronics, founded in 1972, is one of the world’s top automation, integration and control solutions for commercial applications, serving clients across a range of industries. Crestron makes a variety of hardware and software interface products that enable businesses to automate and control lighting, HVAC, audio, video, and other systems, while also providing analytics tools to monitor and optimize performance.

Dagostino Electronic Services has a dedicated professional audio-visual (PRO-AV) team with extensive training and experience as a reseller / dealer and service provider for Crestron Electronics systems, having deployed them for a considerable number of end-user clients, and in our HQ offices in Pittsburgh, PA.

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We sell your preferred brands on COSTARS and PEPPM.
Visit our COSTARS Page for contract numbers.

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Read real reviews on Procurated, the COSTAR-approved supplier ratings and review platform for the public sector.  

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