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DES Propels LifeX Labs Innovations into Life-Changing Medicine

DES equips biotechnology incubator, LifeX Labs, with audio-visual solutions that boost collaboration and workflow.
Feb 3, 2020

When biotechnology entrepreneurs discover a lifesaving cure for Alzheimer’s, technology cannot slow them down. That was the sentiment of LifeX Labs, a startup incubator located in Pittsburgh’s historic strip district. “I needed a partner who could equip the lab for success,” explained Kim Magazine, operational manager of LifeX Labs.

LifeX Labs bridges the gap between medical research and the commercial marketplace. It offers office space, wet labs and a rich network of resources for scientists seeking early-stage funding for their research. Having technology that boosts collaboration and accelerates workflow is critical to their mission of springboarding innovation into the mainstream.

DES worked alongside LifeX Labs to design multiple learning spaces with seamless multimedia integration. The open-plan conference area features a wide display system for teams to share and compare their progress. Wi-Fi access points ensure a consistently reliable network connection which allows teams to collaborate with industry experts across the globe.

A circular huddle space invites meaningful conversations and features a display screen with an AV design that enables uninterrupted workflow. A multi-use space for workshops, lectures and networking events is equipped with a crystal-clear sound system and an optimally positioned 86” screen that is visible for those seated in the rear of the room.

“We invite guest lecturers. The size of the monitor and the capacity of the room allow for every person attending the event to see the material being presented and to hear the speaker,” said Kim. “We’ve received positive feedback that attendees are taking away something meaningful.”

Underwritten in part by the University of Pittsburgh, LifeX focuses its expenditure on the practical resources it provides its residents. There is no in-house IT department to manage the technology. DES‘s commitment to the client relationship has now extended to ongoing IT support.

Kim describes the support experience as “incredible”. After she files a support ticket, she is on the phone with someone who can remote-in or can be on site “in a matter of hours”. It’s a client-relationship that she defines as proactive and responsive. DES is proud to support the technology that will transform the future of healthcare.

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