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Immersive Audiovisual Exhibit Enhanced with Efficient Lighting

A lighting upgrade saves the Heinz History Center 80% in energy usage.
Feb 21, 2023

Immersive audiovisual experiences can also be energy efficient experiences. 

Our AV team has serviced the Senator John Heinz History Center for over a decade. In this exhibit upgrade, DES converted the lighting of the sporting exhibit from 575W fixtures to 50W fixtures saving the museum a whopping 80% in energy usage. Plus HVAC costs! The room was significantly cooler after the switch. Plus labor costs! These new bulbs from will last 50x longer - just think of the time-savings in replacing bulbs. Plus another Fun Fact! LED lighting does not contain the harsh UV spectrum that fades artwork. Special thanks to Gormley Farrington for their coordination with this lighting project

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