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IAQ is your Low-Hanging Fruit on the Quest for Sustainability

From a technology standpoint, what’s the lowest of the low-hanging fruit when it comes to energy and sustainability?
Jun 7, 2023

From a technology standpoint, what’s the lowest of the low-hanging fruit when it comes to energy and sustainability?

Indoor air quality monitoring (IAQ).  You've probably heard about it, but you need some insights. Keep reading...

1. IAQ tracks temperature. Trending temperature data is likely to reveal times when you can fine-tune your thermostat schedule. Considering HVAC accounts for upwards of 80% of a building’s energy use, minor adjustments can have a direct major impact on energy and costs, especially across multiple locations in a company or a city. The savings alone can cover the cost of the monitoring.

But wait, there's more!

2. IAQ tracks CO2. Is it above 1000ppm? Coworker productivity is probably suffering, especially if it’s sustained at high levels. Below 500ppm? There’s a good chance you’re conditioning outside air more than necessary, which brings us back to unnecessary HVAC energy consumption.  

3. IAQ tracks humidity. Dry air means viruses are suspended in the air longer. People are more likely to get sick. Downtime, anyone? Damp air means mold. I have first-hand experience with entire buildings that were closed due to the significant health impacts of mold. That'll put a dent in your ledger. Recommendations vary, but targeting 30%-60% is a good first step. 

4. IAQ tracks VOCs and particulate matter. Maybe you haven't heard of these. I certainly hadn't when I started researching. They're pollutants that exist largely because of our industrialized world and both of which have a negative impact on your health. They increase healthcare costs and downtime, but how do you know what's in the air if you're not actively monitoring it?

From the c-suite down, establishing IAQ as part of your company's ESG vision and strategy will pay dividends. Be proactive, not reactive. If you don't know where to begin, Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc., RESET®, and Airthings can help you.

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