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Video conferencing made easy from Lifesize

One of our innovative business partners, LifeSize, has developed an easy-to-use video conferencing technology.  Here’s a brief video:

The LifeSize Icon video conferencing system is so easy to use that anyone can walk right into a room and be on their video conference. Name-based directories and enhanced search functionality provide you quick and easy access to the people you want to connect with.

Features include consolidated meeting schedules as well as pop-up reminders that ensure you never miss a meeting again.Search quickly with integrated meeting listings and join meetings on demand.

With the LifeSize Icon Series, video conferencing solution, you can access robust video applications like LifeSize UVC Video Center, enabling you to record and stream your presentations. The LifeSize UVC Multipoint supports multiparty calls on any device.

The most powerful feature of the LifeSize Icon system s that all of these applications can be accessed simply with a click of a button. That means you’ll spend less time worrying about the technology behind how the video conference works and more time focusing on the bigger picture.Your IT staff will love the reduced training and support demands on their time.

With Smart Video, made possible by the LifeSize Icon Series, everything works, flawlessly and intuitively. It’s Smart Video for a new, more efficient and connected world.

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