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DES selected as 1 of 2 US partners at exclusive Alcatel-Lucent event

Alcatel-Lucent Enterpise selected Dagostino Electronic Services to attend the exclusive Network Select Partner event featuring 15 business partners from around the world.

DES was one of two companies chosen from the United States. Vice President Chuck Roberts flew to Calabasas, California, to meet with Alcatel-Lucent Enterpise executives and product experts.

Roberts received a first look at the next generation chassis: OS9900 prototype, the next generation 40 GigE switch: OS6800 Q32 prototype, the next generation open NMS platform, and the OpenStack in a modern data center.

ALU-E also shared key technology overviews including WLAN, BYOD, SDN, and next generation network management. Roberts was able to share our customer’s challenges as well as the business approach that Dagostino employs.

“We are excited and honored that Dagostino Electronic Services was chosen to be a part of the Network Select Partner Program.  As we talked with other partners from around the world, it was interesting to find that customers face the same challenges no matter where they are located on the globe,” said Roberts.

This conference was an excellent opportunity to build on the superior relationship that we have with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

Watch the video below for more information about Alcatel-Lucent.

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