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Dagostino Electronic Services now selling Fortinet FortiVoice phone systems

DES is now selling Fortinet FortiVoice phone systems and is the first partner in the Pittsburgh region.
Feb 16, 2018

PITTSBURGH – Dagostino Electronic Services is excited to announce we are now selling Fortinet FortiVoice phone systems.

California-based Fortinet, a leader in network security with its flagship firewall platform FortiGate, began selling phone systems in 2011.

The systems and phones are built to handle VoIP and the traditional telephone network, and deliver intelligent call handling in a simple, affordable and user-friendly package.

DES is now selling Fortinet FortiVoice phone systems, the first partner in the Pittsburgh region.

FortiVoice products are easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use, and come complete with everything a business needs to handle calls professionally.

Auto attendants, voice messaging, ring groups, conferencing and more are built-in. For most features, there are no additional licenses to buy or cards to install, helping to keep costs down.

Each user gets a personal web portal to view their call logs, configure and manage their own messaging and access other features.

Users can stay connected everywhere by adding cell phones or any other phones as extensions of the system.

FortiVoice offers six IP phone models, some with video, a cordless phone and conference phone.

Fortinet has been a trusted DES partner for network infrastructure and cybersecurity for years and we’re proud to be FortiVoice’s first partner in the Pittsburgh region.

Easley and Rivers, a Pittsburgh-based interior construction company offering everything from drywall to office furniture, was DES’ first FortiVoice customer. They replaced the phone system at their Morgantown, West Virginia, office with a FortiVoice system.

Read more about the system at

For a complete line of voice solutions offered by DES, visit

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