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Network Managed Services

With more demands on IT resources than ever before, the task of network management is both time and budget intensive. DES offers a scale of managed services options, ranging from a Full MSP where DES manages your network and leases your hardware, to a Hybrid MSP where you own the hardware and DES manages the network. 

Network Management: Three Ways
MSP Network Management Options - Flyer.j

Why Choose a Managed Service?


DES skilled network operators manage the day-to-day running of your network, allowing your IT team to focus on indispensable tasks.

A Turnkey Solution

When we own your hardware, we upgrade and refresh the network. Your IT infrastructure will always be at the forefront of industry standards.

Stay Ahead of Innovation

Scale your spending with your network. Avoid paying for underutilized staff or extra hardware.

Consumption-based Spending

Your network is our responsibility, plain and simple. We troubleshoot. We upgrade. And we take care of end-of-life hardware disposal.

Maintenance & Support
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