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Fault Managed Power Systems (FMPS)


Class 4 Power, also known as Fault Managed Power Systems, is a power distribution system that safely transfers higher loads across significant distances, only requires a single UPS, and can be installed by your low-voltage electrical contractor. FMPS is THE sensible way to push power and data to the edge. DES is a partner with VoltServer™, pioneers of Digital Electricity™.

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Power Reimagined 

A Fault Managed Power System is the sensible way to push power over distance. Safe to handle, efficient to manage, and only requiring a single pathway for your power and data applications. 

FMPS can carry loads of up to 2,000W for a distance of over a mile. It is safe to handle and poses minimal fire hazard. This unique blend of power and safety is the result of an electrical transmission system that packetizes the power alongside a steady stream of safety data.

The industry's leading FMPS platform:

Digital Electricity™


The VoltServer™ Digital Electricity™ platform converts energy into packetized units that combine both power and safety data.


The result is a steady data stream, of hundreds of packets per second, that is continuously monitoring for faults such as improper wiring, a short circuit, or an obstruction. The transmitter recognizes the condition in a fraction of a second and halts the transmission of packets. 

The platform supports both AC and DC loads, first levelling the power to a DC stream during the packetized transmission, and then at the receiving end, transforming the energy to the requirements of the output destination.

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Use Cases for Fault Managed Power

The best use cases for FMPS are expansive facilities with many power and data needs. Think hospitals, stadiums, manufacturing plants with far-flung IOT devices, or real estate with a multitide of power-over-ethernet applications (POE lighting, IP cameras and phones).

Another popular use case are venues, such as stadiums, seeking robust cellular coverage. FMPS pushes power to areas of wireless densification without the need of building multiple UPS rooms.

What Plugs into FMPS Circuits?

AC-Powered Devices

  • Networking Gear

  • USB Power Blocks

IP Public Safety 

  • Cameras & Access Control

  • Emergency Call Boxes

DC-Powered Devices

  • Routers & Switches

  • Access Points

IP Devices

  • Phones & intercoms

  • Digital Signage & Clocks

POE Applications

  • POE Switches

  • POE Lighting

Network Densification

  • Antennas

  • DAS Gear

Visibility and Alerting on a Cloud Dashboard

Get notified of outages in real time. Track energy consumption. During routine maintenance, disable power directly from the dashboard. It really is easier.

Voltserver dashboard 1.jpg

Track Energy Consumption

Voltserver dashboard 2.jpg

Detect Faults in Realtime

Voltserver dashboard 4.jpg

Disable Circuits Remotely


Fault Managed Power: 

  • Moves Significant Power
  • Over Significant Distance
  • Using Low Voltage Cable
  • Ensuring Utmost Safety 
  • Achieving Faster Installs, Efficient Maintenance & Remote Management
Download White Paper: Best Applications for Digital Electricity™
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