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Door Opening & Entry Solutions

DES fully supports a broad range of door opening solutions: Push doors, sliding doors, turnstiles, fobs, padlocks and more. Whatever your opening solution, we can connect it to custom integrations including access control, surveillance, third-party analytics and whole building systems.  
DES is an approved vendor with Assa Abloy

Digital Security System

Reliable connectivity to your door locking systems. Connect your locks with your access control and surveillance platform. 

Wired Locks

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Get the ease of automatic doors without compromising safety. We Integrate access control with automatic door actuators.

Automatic Openings


Connect freestanding locks to access control. Intelligent keys retrofit existing cylinders with an electronic key system, ensuring security and accountability. Watch video! 

Intelligent Key Systems


Integrate access control with surveillance for robust visibility and reporting. Add third-party integrations such as student rosters or emergency mustering.

Custom Integrations

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No wires and minimal installation. Get real-time data and use your existing Wi-Fi network to control any networked door.

Wireless Locks

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Hands-free access. Gain touchless entry using your physical credentials or with biometric detection, Bluetooth and mobile. 

Touchless Entry

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Unify visitor management with access control for simplified safety. Real-time background checks equips your front desk with complete and instant visibility.

Visitor Management


Harness door openings data to optimize asset management, predictive performance, maintenance planning, and sustainability monitoring.

AI Analytics

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