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What looks like a typical email and costs you $1.8 million?

What looks like a typical email and costs you $1.8 million?
Jan 24, 2020

Spear Phishing = The fraudulent practice of sending emails to a specific and well-researched recipient from an apparently trusted sender in a targeted attempt to steal sensitive data. 

Spear Phishing is accurately researched. Hackers research their targets via social media and insert believable details in their planned email attacks. A single misstep can spiral into a malware download, a data breach and ransomware, costing your business serious losses to your financial assets and brand reputation.

90% of Cyberattacks Begin with Email.

Hackers know human error is your business’s most vulnerable point of entry. Your email protection software can’t only scan for malware but it must intelligently detect targeted phishing attacks. That’s why we’ve partnered with Barracuda, a leader in cybersecurity, because of its total email protection platform. 

Barracuda. A Total Threat Detection System.

Did you know that your Office 365 Business Essentials plan does not include advanced email threat protection?  Microsoft offers advanced threat protection as an add-on service. However, we prefer Barracuda because it includes a user-friendly bundle of security solutions designed to overlay with Office 365 email. Here’s an overview of their solutions.


Barracuda Essentials


  • Incoming Email: Advanced analytics and sandboxing filters incoming emails and defends against ransomware, malware and zero-day attacks.

  • Outgoing Email: Custom encryption and rules protect or prevent sensitive information from leaving your network.

  • Cloud Backup & Archive: System shutdown need not rupture your operations. You can quickly restore all your email content from cloud storage and stay compliant with secure archiving.


Barracuda Sentinel


  • Designed specifically for spear phishing, Sentinel uses machine learning to detect syntax anomalies in your top-level employees’ outgoing emails. Sentinel integrates directly with Microsoft Office 365 APIs and requires minimal IT oversight.


Barracuda Total Email Protection


  • This bundle includes Essentials and Sentinel, plus Phishline – a series of realistic phishing simulations that educate your employees to be a smart line of defense, and Forensics and Incident Response which gives your IT department instant tools to fortify your network.

Call Us For More Information.

We’d love to talk with you about your current email threat detection system and which solution can work best for you. Our cybersecurity team has has managed threat control in high-profile enterprise, education, government and healthcare organizations. Call us today at 412-531-4240.

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