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Smart security systems today

Like most things, security in today's world is much more complex than putting up several cameras and crossing your fingers.
Dec 18, 2012

One of the obvious ways to ensure your workplace or your organization is secure, is to place surveillance cameras throughout the area.  But does that alone truly ensure your safety? Maybe.

But like most things, security in today’s world is much more complex than putting up several cameras and crossing your fingers.

You need a security system that you not only trust to function properly, but one that you trust to function intuitively.  We found this video from one of our business partners Axis Communications that perfectly demonstrates a security system functioning properly and intuitively.


At Dagostino Electronic Services, we have the security/surveillance technology available that meets both those necessary requirements.  We have systems that run on a motion sensor basis; enabling both excellent surveillance and energy saving measures.  We have systems that allow easy tracking functions to follow suspects in real-time.  We have surveillance systems with easy-to-use features such as exporting capabilities, file downloads, and a 30-day history archive.

Our security surveillance technology can be fully integrated into your existing network, enabling a seamless transition into your workplace without wasting your valuable time and money.

Just putting up cameras may seem like the immediate answer. But that doesn’t ensure everything will be secure, at all times. What will ensure everything is secure is to call on a company that has a long history with working with this intuitive technology. You need a company that you can trust.

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