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New cybersecurity lab opens at Mercyhurst University in Erie

DES designed and installed the classroom audio and video technologies at the new Cyber Education Center at Mercyhurst University in Erie.
Aug 2, 2018

ERIE, Pa. — A grand opening ceremony was held Thursday for the new MCPc Cyber Education Center at Mercyhurst University.

The center will provide hands-on, real-world training for students enrolled in the university’s cybersecurity programs.


Two computer labs, a cyber lab and a security operations room make up the 8,000 square-foot space.

Classes will be held in the labs, equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video technologies designed, installed and programmed by Dagostino Electronic Services.

The cyber lab operates on a network separate from Mercyhurst’s campus network, with its own servers and firewalls, and can simulate real-world events such as hacks, data breaches and malware.

The computer classrooms, complete with wireless presentation technology, touch panel control systems and audio processors, will be used for student learning and collaboration.

In the security operations room, students will work alongside cybersecurity professionals as they work to stop real-world network attacks and secure data for clients.

Mercyhurst expects the new center to attract potential students and help meet the growing demand for IT and cybersecurity professionals.

Classes will begin this fall.

At DES, cybersecurity is top of mind for many of our customers and something we take very seriously. We’re ecstatic to have partnered with Mercyhurst to bring audio and video classroom technologies to such a unique, cutting edge facility.

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