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DES updates resource room at Pittsburgh Technology Council

When the Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC) decided to update their technology capabilities in their conference room they turned to Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc.
May 20, 2013

PITTSBURGH — When the Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC) decided to update their technology capabilities in their conference room they turned to Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc.


Integrating multimedia technology was only part of the process while renovating their entire space at 2000 Technology Drive along the Monongahela River off Second Avenue in Pittsburgh.

They wanted to make the council more available to members for all of their needs. For all the benefits the PTC already offered, they believed adding state of the art technology in their resource room would take the appeal to join the council to another level!

The updated resource room provides the council a functioning room for their innovative staff to meet on a large scale and do what they do best: come up with incredible ideas to shape the technology industry in southwest Pennsylvania.

“The resource room has greatly expanded our ability to serve our members and the benefits we provide to them,” said Audrey Russo, CEO of Pittsburgh Technology Council. “Since installation, we have been able to host press conferences, board meetings, and trainings – none of which were possible without Dagostino’s technology.”

The room is also available to council members as a tangible resource to hold important meetings. The PTC has more than1,400 organizations as members totaling over 25,000 individuals.


Members who use the resource room

PEAL Center

“As a small non-profit, the PEAL Center relies on the Pittsburgh Technology Council Resource Room as the perfect place to hold our board meetings. The technology in the room is top notch. We are able to bring together board members who are physically present with members who are participating using GoToMeeting. The very large projection screen makes it possible for us to project the documents we are working from and keep everyone focused on issues being discussed. The sound system in the room is excellent. Both a board member with a significant hearing loss and remote participants are able to hear clearly and follow the discussion of members from around the board table. The excellent internet service supports the GoToMeeting connection allowing us to virtually bring together board members from across the state.”

BlueTree Allied Angels & BlueTree Capitol Group

“BlueTree Allied Angels and BlueTree Capital Group are very grateful for the state of art technical capabilities housed at the Pittsburgh Technology Council. We use the resource room monthly and have been easily able to connect, project and enhance our meeting presentations. We’ve even been able to connect those who can’t attend in person. Most importantly, it is very easy to operate, which means we can always start on time!”

Catalyst Connection

“We have used the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Resource Room several times to host meetings and events with our clients and stakeholders. The PowerPoint presentations were clear and visible from any seat in the room and the audio/visual quality has been flawless. This location represents Catalyst Connection well when we need to have a professional venue for occasions.”

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