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DES standardizes classroom technology at Mercyhurst University

DES worked with Mercyhurst University to standardize their classroom technology allowing professors to focus on what really matters: the curriculum.
Feb 22, 2018

ERIE, Pa. — Mercyhurst University, with two campuses in northwest Pennsylvania, wanted standardized technology in their classrooms.

Dagostino Electronic Services upgraded the projectors, screens and speakers, and installed a unified control panel in each room. The technology resides in a podium complete with a computer and monitor.

Professors and presenters can now take control of the room’s technology and switch between sources with ease.

Since the technology is identical in every room, a last-minute location change is no longer an issue. The setup is the same, and no one has to learn a new process or procedure.

“The standardized technology allows professors to take control seamlessly, so they can focus on the curriculum and not the technology,” DES Account Manager Mike Novak stated.

DES is upgrading the technology in three more classrooms at Mercyhurst this spring with plans to do additional rooms over the summer.

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