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DES gives back to the local community

DES employees volunteered across the city this weekend to give back to the community.
May 29, 2019

Employees at DES had a busy weekend serving the community!

Employees volunteered with the Light of Life organization on Saturday, May 25th and helped with the early morning setup activities for the 17th Annual Tunch and Wolf’s Walk for the Homeless.

Light of Life raised over $115,000 at the event at Heinz Field to help their mission of caring for the poor and homeless.

DES also worked with the 31st Ward Community Action Group.

President Bob Dagostino and Director of Operations Bob Weiss hung flags along Mifflin Road outside of the DES office building.

DES carefully stores and maintains the flags throughout the year and uses the DES bucket truck to place them. The flags will stay up from Memorial Day until the Fourth of July holiday.

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