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DES customer Maitri Medicinals opens medical marijuana dispensary in Uniontown

Dagostino Electronic Services installed security, voice, audio and video technologies for Maitri Medicinals' new medical marijuana dispensary.
Aug 28, 2018

UNIONTOWN, Pa. — Dagostino Electronic Services customer Maitri Medicinals‘ first medical marijuana dispensary is now open in Uniontown.

The 7,500-square-foot dispensary, located on West Main Street, is the first in Fayette County.

DES designed and installed the dispensary’s security system in accordance with strict guidelines set forth by the state of Pennsylvania.

Maitri also partnered with DES for a new Fortinet FortiVoice phone systemFortinet firewall, data switches and wireless system, an audio system and multimedia technologies throughout the space.

The state-of-the-art security system includes strategically placed exterior and interior Axis cameras, access control on nearly every door, electronic visitor management and intrusion detection, all of which is monitored and managed with Genetec’s easy-to-use unified security platform Security Center.

During business hours, a security guard will be stationed at the dispensary’s front door and only patients with state-issued medical ID cards will be allowed into the waiting room.

Beyond the waiting room, behind a set of locked double doors, is the sales area where patients will discuss treatment options with trained pharmacists and other personnel.

The medical marijuana is stored in another secured room behind the sales room.

Maitri Medicinals was founded by Corinne Ogrodnik and Joseph Vesely in 2016 and was granted approval by the Pennsylvania Department of Health in June 2017 to open up to three medical marijuana dispensaries.

Maitri’s second dispensary will be in located in Pittsburgh. DES will install various technologies in the space, including the security system, and work on the project has already begun.

Maitri is also planning to open a medical marijuana grow facility in the Pittsburgh area in the coming months.

Medical marijuana is available to Pennsylvanians diagnosed with one of 21 qualifying medical conditions listed on the health department’s website,

Patients must apply for a state-issued medical marijuana ID card.

Learn more about the program at

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