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Video: Tour Calypso Enterprises' new MMJ grow facility

DES security and surveillance customer Calypso Enterprises? new medical marijuana grow facility is currently under construction in Erie.
Jan 3, 2019

ERIE, Pa. — 2019 is off to an exciting start for Calypso Enterprises!

DES is installing the security and surveillance system at Calypso’s medical marijuana grow and processing facility currently under construction in Erie.

The 51,000 square foot facility, located on Downing Avenue, is scheduled to open in early May.

It will house 11 1,000 square foot “flower rooms within a room” to accommodate the needs of different strains of marijuana in addition to two vegetation rooms and processing, shipping and administration areas.

DES will provide camera coverage of the exterior and interior of the building, card readers, alarm keypads, panic buttons throughout the facility, and viewing and visitor management badging stations. Employees will monitor the system using Genetec’s unified security platform, Security Center.

Recently, toured the facility. Watch the video to take a look inside.


Calypso, led by Erie businessman Samuel “Pat” Black, received a grower/processor permit last July as part of Phase II of Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program.

DES is dedicated to the success of medical marijuana growers, processors and seller. Our engineers have a deep understanding of the strict state guidelines for visitor access and electronic surveillance facilities must meet before they receive approval to begin operations.

Currently, medical marijuana is available to Pennsylvanians with one of 21 qualifying medical conditions.

Patients must apply for a state-issued medical marijuana ID card.

Learn more about the program at

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