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Ten K-12 Technologies Covered by CARES

A listing of 10 strategic technology implementations that transform the school campus into a safe, sustainable, and educationally advanced environment. 
Feb 15, 2021

In Pennsylvania alone, schools have been allocated close to $2.7 billion in combined CARES funding to cover a slew of continuity operations. Included under the bills is the purchase of hardware and software necessary to propel the K-12 campus into a high-performance operation. 

While COVID-19 is a once-in-a-century challenge, it has also become a catalyst for a once-in-a-generation transformation of our schools. Here are 10 strategic technology implementations that transform the school campus into a safe, sustainable, and educationally advanced environment.  

1. Universal Network Access: 

Digital equity matters. Security-driven adaptive wireless access points and remote hotspots enables every student – whether they are in the hallways, classrooms, parking lots, or in their homes – to access the network.   

2. Network Efficiency: 

Is your school’s connectivity sluggish? Wi-Fi 6 optimizes the bandwidth for a multiplicity of IoT devices.  

3. Network Management: 

Streamline configuration and monitoring with timesaving single-pane-of glass software management.  

4. Network Security: 

As the network proliferates, so do its vulnerabilities. A multi-faceted cybersecurity plan is critical for safe schools.  

5. Network Unification: 

Unifying the network through zero-trust provisioning allows devices from all areas - maintenance, security and business systems - to automatically authenticate and provision without sacrificing security and manpower.  

6. Secure Cloud Integrations: 

Third-party digital applications have become the norm in hybrid instruction. We help you select the right software security tools for these device applications.. 

7. Multimedia Integrations:  

Bring online resources into the classroom. A solid combination of audiovisual displays and live streaming capabilities creates a rich learning experience.    

8. Hybrid Instruction: 

Seamlessly bring the classroom to online students. Dynamic tracking cameras and multimedia hardware makes hybrid accessible and uncomplicated to perform.  

9. Touchless Entry Management: 

Reduce high-touch and high-maintenance areas through touchless access control and automatic door solutions.  

10. Building Interoperability: 

With a smart network, you can extend visibility and control to many building operations, including temperature regulation, room usage and maintenance schedules.  

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