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DES delivers connectivity, communications to KDL's new Pittsburgh headquarters

DES installed everything from cabling and network infrastructure to a security, phone and wireless system and multimedia and conferencing solutions at supply chain management company KDL's new headquarters south of Pittsburgh.
Aug 6, 2018

PITTSBURGH, PA — Keystone Dedicated Logistics (KDL), a transportation management company that helps customers reduce, measure and control expenses, is a trusted partner of Dagostino Electronic Services.

After a successful security system install in 2015, KDL looked to DES to help them move their Pittsburgh headquarters to a new location.

They purchased their new building, off Interstate 79 in Carnegie, Robinson Township, south of the city, in 2016 and had just a few months to refurbish the space.

It was a challenge given the tight timeline. KDL needed everything from cabling and network infrastructure to a security, phone and wireless system to multimedia and conferencing solutions with sound masking.

For KDL Executive Vice President Ian Tsai, the decision to partner with a full-service communications and technology integrator like DES just made sense.

“We had to go with [a company] that’s an expert in all facets of communications and that’s why we went with Dagostino,” Tsai said.

Working with a single integrator for multiple solutions has benefits like convenience and organization too.

A large display with traffic and weather information welcomes visitors as they enter KDL.

At the start of the project, KDL was appointed a project manager and he served as the main point of contact throughout the job, helping keep things organized and on track.

“The project was extremely challenging, but the project manager assured me by walking me through every step along the way,” Tsai said.

Having specialized technicians working hand-in-hand with KDL’s technology team was also a huge convenience for KDL and crucial to the project’s success.

As visitors walk into KDL’s new office, they’ll notice a large display hanging from the ceiling. It’s the first of several monitors throughout the space and was installed to welcome visitors as well as broadcast information such as weather conditions and traffic reports.

The employee lounge at KDL’s headquarters south of Pittsburgh.

“We do a lot of face-to-face meetings, so we have a lot of customers coming into town as well as vendor partners who come and visit us,” Tsai explained. “This TV is our welcome sign.”

Displays throughout the office serve a variety of other functions.

They can be used to display metrics such as the number of phone calls, average phone call length and average wait time to help KDL improve their customer service.

Tsai explained, “Every bit of that information will help us enhance our customer service.”

They’re also used to enhance the company culture. Tsai will turn on sporting events like the annual NCAA Basketball Tournament, so employees can watch it while they work.

There are also three TVs in the employee lounge and a sitting area with comfy couch and an Xbox.

“The entire goal is to boost morale and make work fun,” Tsai added.

In fact, improving KDL’s company culture was a big factor when designing the new office.

The exterior at KDL’s headquarters is under video surveillance 24/7.

Wireless internet, for example, had to be accessible from all locations of the building and the system designed and installed by DES now covers the entire 40,000-square-foot space.

“DES equipped us with the best equipment. Our employees are extremely happy with the TVs, with the wireless coverage and ultimately that adds to our value of trying to become an employer of choice in the Pittsburgh area,” Tsai said.

Security was also a high priority for KDL. Their new building is secluded in a wooded area and the parking lot is large. They wanted a camera system that could monitor the entire exterior.

Tsai worked with DES’ engineers to design a solution using Genetec Security Center that addressed his concerns.

“We walked the entire lot and took a look at every entrance and exit,” he recalled. “We wanted to find areas where motion could easily be detected and then place cameras there, so we get the best view.”

Tsai appreciates the ease of Genetec Security Center and the corresponding app.

Through the app, Tsai and his team can view any of the cameras from their phones at any time.

When the building is closed, the app sends push alerts if motion is detected or an access point is breached.


A diagram of KDL’s servers was created, laminated and hung in the server room.

At the completion of the project, KDL was given a binder with equipment user manuals, warranty information and service and support contacts.

A diagram of KDL’s servers was also created, laminated and hung in the server room as a courtesy to employees who can easily reference it as needed.

Given the tight timeline, the project was a challenge but none-the-less implemented flawlessly.

“Everything goes back to the convenience and the level of communication,” Tsai said of DES.

“My relationship with the project manager as well with the entire sales team was fantastic,” he continued. “At the end of the day, the organization was just superb. I would highly recommend DES.”

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