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DES customers Cresco Yeltrah, Holistic Farms receive state approval for medical marijuana

Cresco Yeltrah and Holistic Farms are the latest in Pennsylvania?s medical marijuana industry to receive approval to begin operations.
Jan 23, 2018

PITTSBURGH – Dagostino Electronic Services (DES) customers Cresco Yeltrah and Holistic Farms are the latest in Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana industry to receive approval to begin operations.

The state health department announced Friday that Cresco Yeltrah’s dispensary in Butler and Holistic Farms’ processing facility in New Castle have passed all inspections.

Marijuana is not yet available for purchase but will be soon.

“This is really happening, Pennsylvania!” Cresco Yeltrah wrote on Facebook.

At both locations, DES designed security, surveillance and access control in accordance with the strict guidelines set forth by the state. Genetec’s unified security system, Security Center, which recently received anti-terrorism designation from the U.S. Government, was installed. A Fortinet firewall was also installed at Holistic Farms.

An exterior picture of the Cresco Yeltrah’s Butler dispensary posted on shows a security camera placed just above the front door.

Receiving state approval is not only a win for Cresco Yeltrah and Holistic Farms but a win for DES.

“Each of these inspections ensures that all standards set out by the regulations and their facilities are met, and the sites are safe and secure,” acting Health Secretary and Physician General Dr. Rachel Levine said in a release.

DES has a deep understanding of what’s required for visitor access and electronic surveillance and is dedicated to helping medical cannabis growers and processors comply with state regulations and that includes ongoing support.

These facilities are subject to routine inspections and all systems must remain in good working order. The government must be able to access video and data from the facilities 24/7 so robust infrastructure and reliable connectivity is crucial.

DES also designed and installed the security and surveillance at Cresco Yeltrah’s Jefferson County grow facility, the first in the state to begin operations when it received state approval last October.

Cresco Yeltrah expects the first marijuana from that facility to be ready in February.

To obtain medical cannabis, patients must be under a physician’s care for one of 17 serious medical conditions and apply for a state-issued medical marijuana ID card.

Cresco Yeltrah has a wealth of resources for participants of the program on its website,, including frequently asked questions about their services.

You can also read more about the state’s medical marijuana program on the health department’s website:

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