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DES Awarded $2.4 Million Contract for Westmoreland County Security Upgrade

The best-in-class security platform unifies all security systems and defends against physical attacks and cyber infiltration.
Mar 26, 2021

JANUARY 18, PITTSBURGH, PA – Dagostino Electronic Services, (DES) has been awarded a $2.4 million security contract for Westmoreland County. The wide-ranging security upgrade will cover the Greensburg courthouse complex, Westmoreland Manor nursing home, the county jail, juvenile detention center and forensic facility in Hempfield, and the public safety building and public works garage on Donahoe Road.

“As a longstanding, Pittsburgh-based technology integrator, I am delighted with this partnership,” remarked Bob Dagostino, founder and president of DES. “It is a testament to the county’s commitment to citizen safety alongside digital transformation.”

The security project is multi-pronged.  First is the video surveillance upgrade which includes the replacement of numerous older analog cameras, servers and viewing workstations throughout county buildings. Secondly, the County is looking to enhance building security by replacing the current disparate access control systems with a seamless, common card access system that can be programmed to enable employees to enter certain buildings or areas within a site. Third, the County will be combining the video surveillance and access control systems within the same integrated platform.

The upgrade is expected to take 18 months. By its completion, the county will host over 2,000 IP security cameras and have card readers with electric door hardware at all secured entrances accessible via access cards provided to all county employees. Both systems will be monitored and controlled through the Genetec unified platform.

As technology becomes increasingly complex, so do the security threats against critical infrastructure and high-profile institutions. The unified security platform is both easily accessible and highly customizable.  With software in place that takes advantage of the County’s existing high-speed network connectivity, multiple county departments will have coordinated access allowing for rapid and effective security management.  Analytics can be deployed, for example, in certain areas of the prison, to detect behavioral or environmental anomalies and provide early warning alerts to security personnel.

In today’s connected world, security threats can originate from domestic criminals or from global players, which makes cybersecurity an essential layer in the security fabric. All cameras installed for Westmoreland County are secured against backdoor vulnerabilities. The video management platform (VMS), from Genetec, is the only VMS globally to have received the UL 2900-2-3 Level 3 cybersecurity certification, the most stringent test for physical security systems.

DES is the trusted solution integrator for civic institutions and municipalities across Western Pennsylvania counties, including:

· Unified Security at Erie Waterworks

· Free Public Wi-Fi Networks across Allegheny County

· Security integrations for the Boroughs of Brentwood and Wilkinsburg

· Audiovisual solutions for Lafayette Courthouse

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