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A look at Eckert Seamans' newly redesigned boardroom

Eckert Seaman's redesigned conference space is complete with a large Video Wall and electronically recessed Flat-panel displays, microphones and cameras.
Sep 7, 2017

PITTSBURGH — Walking into Eckert Seamans‘ newly remodeled boardroom at their downtown Pittsburgh office it’s hard to miss the large Video Wall.

The large Video Wall in Eckert Seamans’ redesigned boardroom at their downtown Pittsburgh office.

The Video Wall, made up of nine smaller monitors, is without a doubt the focal point of the room but the space offers so much more.

Eckert Seamans adopted the use of videoconference technology more than a decade ago and the functionality of the space allows them to effectively communicate with their 10 office locations in other parts of the country.

“We have this conference room designated for partnership meetings,” Sandy Mikita, information technology project manager at Eckert Seamans, explained. “We also use it for staff meetings and we can connect clients from outside the office to the room.”

Complimenting the Video Wall are three large Flat-panel displays that are electronically recessed in the ceiling. When needed, the TVs lower and pivot for optimum viewing at the touch of a button on the room’s easy-to-use Touch Panel Control System. A fourth, larger Flat-panel display is located on the wall adjacent to the Video Wall.

Throughout the room are microphones also recessed in the ceiling. The microphones lower when the application is appropriate to provide consistent audio coverage, regardless of furniture configuration.

Two high-definition cameras round out the video capabilities of the space. One camera is positioned directly under the Video Wall and the second lowers from the ceiling in the center of the room. Users can easily alternate between the two based on required viewing angles using the Touch Panel Control System.

The Eckert Seamans conference space can be divided into two small rooms via a sliding partition wall.

Whether it’s a large, all-staff meeting or small videoconference, Eckert Seamans can accommodate and the technology follows suit.

The main Touch Panel controls both rooms when they are combined into one space. A second Touch Panel controls the second, smaller room when in divided mode.

The deployed technology was designed to not only be effective but to not put a drain on staff resources to support.

“It doesn’t take a lot of time for our staff to support the rooms,” Mikita said. “It’s very easy for us to set up and connect our other office locations.”

In addition to designing and installing the technology in the space, Dagostino Electronic Services provides ongoing support to Eckert Seamans.

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