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NEW! Hire a Virtual Guard

Stop vandalism, Stop false alarms, Lower security costs
Mar 1, 2022

Engage a Virtual Guard in your security strategy.  DES’ highly-trained agents use the most advanced technologies available to proactively prevent security incidences. Fully customizable, our virtual monitoring service can supplement your existing protection services or boost your current defense. 


Stop false alarms and unnecessary first responder dispatches. After an event trigger, our video verification agents manually validate the incident before taking action.        


We combine the most advanced video technologies, operating platforms and mobile management applications with cloud triggers and software analytics to detect early and accurately. 


Our situationally-trained specialists use two-way voice to actively engage with potential intruders, effectively nixing criminal behavior before it occurs.        


Set your preferred route and schedule, and our virtual guards will patrol your premises. Our enhanced monitoring center is multi-redundant, ensuring uninterrupted guardianship.

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