Telehealth Technologies

The one takeaway from the COVID-19 pandemic is that telehealth is here to stay. Healthcare institutions and university hospitals are modeling their facilities for remote collaboration. Healthcare practitioners need as versatile an online patient visitation and diagnostic clinic as their in-person clinic. Our deep AV experience positions us to consult with you and design the multimedia that support excellent healthcare experiences.

Envision Collaboration.

Virtual Grand Rounds & Tumor Boards


Sharing clinical data, collaborating and giving feedback are intrinsic to medical development. Traditionally performed in-person, grand rounds and tumor board conferences can be enhanced through virtual tools. We have engineered complex integrations between onsite medical data and remote users. Quickly share imaging material, add participants, live stream or web conference. 


Designing the Doctor's Office 

For Telehealth Technology


As healthcare practitioners increase their time in online clinics, works spaces must facilitate this workflow. We design multimodal solutions that are controlled with simple, user-centric controls. Seamlessly switch from a desktop computer to high-definition digital displays. Clip on an audio system for clear communication. Invite medical specialists to patient consultations. Transform conventional offices into state-of-the-art huddle spaces. 

  • Conference Room Automation

  • Huddle Spaces

  • Resource Management Software

  • Simulation Labs

  • Command & Control

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